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Eye of the Storm, Oil, 50 x 50 cm

Sue Luxton has been living in the West Country for many years. She completed a Degree in Illustration at UWE and has been painting and exhibiting  for the last twenty years or so.  


Currently my paintings can be seen at the "Steam House Gallery" in Beer, Devon.( and with the South West Academy. (

"Drawing was always my first love and it is still a question of exploration to find out how to paint!  However  I am happily settled into how I gather subjects for a painting . Like most artists I fill endless sketch books with pen and ink drawings, bits of paper and scribbled notes.  If I am away from home at the end of the day I settle down with my drawings, ancient watercolour box and a glass of wine  and as I say "colour them in". When I return home to the studio I don't look at the drawings for months or until I can see the images afresh."

When  I first arrived in Somerset  I attended some of the workshops run by Jean Rees RWA. I didn't realise at the time what a guiding light she would be. I spent many glorious afternoons with others, painting with her in her garden. Jean gave me the desire to break away from an over fussy, ho hum approach to painting and rejoice in the sparkling colours we see in this part of the country. 

Nowadays I include more figures in my paintings, adding a narrative. I regard painting as problem solving, finding the drawing that makes my heart leap and and trying to develop it into an unattainable composition of harmonious shapes and colour."

Sue Luxton