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                               "Blown in the wind" 

Last year, along with other members of the South West Academy, I exhibited this painting in an exhibition in Falmouth.  We were asked to write a few words explaining our individual  creative methods.  These notes were then placed next to the paintings. It was a great idea and created a great deal of interest.  I thought it would be an interesting addition here.

All my paintings originate from drawings showing my attraction to movement, repetitive shapes and contrasts in tone or colour.

The idea behind this painting came from one drawing made in France, of an alley with swirling hibiscus petals. I have always loved this drawing and  I decided to merge it with another well loved drawing made in Italy some years later,. This one of  a group of bustling nuns.

Compositions usually have many versions until they seem 'right'. In my case that usually means with some repetitive images, contrasts, movement and balance. Then I try different colours against each other to decide the palette.Finally I decide where the eye will fall on the painting : the place of most activity or contrast.

Ideally this is how I plan a painting to develop, but they rarely do, instead there is a battle of wills between me and the end result !

I don't want the image to be humorous particularly, but rather invite the viewer to step into an imaginary world which may amuse, console or even inspire.

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