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     All work is for sale unless shown as sold.     Prices from £500 - £1000.   Size includes frame.

Paintings with titles only are available from the Steam Gallery, Beer.

    Thank you for visiting my website.     Visits to the STUDIO welcome by appointment.

"Sheep Sales "

"Sheep sales" oil 50 x 50 cm. SOLD

"Early browsers"

"Early browsers. oil 70 x 70 cms. £795

"family holiday "

"Family holiday " oil 60 x 60 cms. £795

Blown in the wind oil 80 x80 cm £850

Chiara's crazy dogs oil 75 x 75 cm. SOLD

Father and son oil 65 x 65 cm. SOLD

Fowls in the allotment

Fowls in the allotment, Oil, SOLD

Feeding the Geese

Feeding the Geese, Oil, 50 x 50 cm

Returning Home

Returning home oil 50 x 50 cm SOLD

Oranges oil 50 x 38cm SOLD


Lemons oil 50 x 38 cm. SOLD

Marias Courtyard

Marias Courtyard oil 60 x 60 cm SOLD

Man, Mule and Dogs

Man, Mule and Dogs 60 x 60 cm, oil. SOLD

Goats on the Beach - SOLD

Goats on the Beach, Acrylic, 40 x 30 cm, SOLD

Greek Village

Greek Village oil 75 x 75 cm £850.00

Greek Hillside

Greek Hillside oil 70 x 70 cm £850.00

Eye of the Storm - SOLD

Eye of the Storm Oil. 50 x 50 cm SOLD

The Olive Grove

The Olive Grove acrylic 70 x 70 cm SOLD

Rena and Yannis

Rena and Yannis, Oil, 50 x 50 cm SOLD

Deserted Village

Deserted Village oil 62 x 62 cm SOLD

Pink Cafe

Pink Cafe pastel 45 x 45 cm £300

Evening Stroll

Evening Stroll pastel 45 x45 cm £300

The Piazza

The Piazza pastel 45 x 45 cm £300